$30 Audio Walker: DIY mobile solution for audio gear

This is my DIY project to hold audio gear. Anyone that has a drill and a few bolts can complete this project. Level of Difficulty:  2/10

I’ve tried a lot of DIY solutions to hold audio equipment (B&D WorkMate, small folding tables and even small step ladders).  They all fell short of my needs. Despite looking a bit odd, the Audio Walker works well.

One of the best things about the Audio Walker is it holds everything neatly in one place. With my short films, I have noticed in post that a cord or piece of audio equipment is visible in the shot. How I wished I could keep everything off the ground and move it easily out of view of the camera.

I spend a lot of time trying out mics and equipment. I often leave the Audio Walker set up and it takes only minutes to try new equipment out. It is ideal to demonstrate gear to my students.

Audio Walker
Audio Walker
  1. The walker frame is lightweight aluminum and folds up to fit in a car (used $30 USD).
  2. Can be used as a dolly to move audio and camera equipment.
  3. Plastic seat is ideal for mounting equipment to, just drill some 1/4″ holes.
  4. Carries all your bags, cords, stands with ease. Keeps things off the ground.
  5. Very maneuverable – you can lock both brakes when in position.
  6. The removable wooden dowel is ideal for XLR cord storage and to hold cases etc. (keep everything off the floor)
  7. Rubber wheels are very quiet.
  8. Standard mic stand and extension are bolted to the frame allowing mic to be located in a variety of locations.  Mics reach 8 ft. in the air and far away from the Audio Walker.  It could be use as a fixed boom pole for a one-person shoot.
  9. Easy to build, all you need is a drill and some bolts.
  10. Mics can be stored on mic holders on the walker’s seat.
  11. It is a stable platform indoors or out.
  12. Can be used as a chair (or a walker) after a long day 🙂




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