$30 DIY: Portable Console for Sound Devices MixPre-D

Here is a DIY project for holding a Sound Devices MixPre-D  and an audio recorder. Not only does it provide a solid way to mount equipment, it also helps protect your gear and can easily be adapted to hold any audio gear. The console will sit on any flat surface but can easily be mounted to any tripod.

TIP:  This type of DIY console could be used with many audio devices.



The total cost should be under $30USD.  You may want to use your favorite quick release plate to attach the console to a tripod. Oddly enough, this is less than one third the cost of Sound Devices XL-CAM Camera Mount Bracket  .  This bracket is designed for mounting a camera directly to the top of the MixPre-D; not a good option for audio mixers or recorders. Besides, I like my dual system sound to be away from the camera most of the time.

B&H Photo - Sound Devices Camera Mount


Tripod Mount Option

I prefer to mount the console on a tripod unless I’m recording on a table.

Console mounted to tripodDifficulty of build

Anyone with a drill and a 1/4″ bit could easily build this console.

Features / Parts List

  • Small cutting board (with carrying handle slot)
  • 1/4″ bolts and nuts
  • Two pieces of rubber radiator hose
  • Five 1/4″ rubber legs (isolation for sound)
  • Small magic arm from eBay
  • For attaching to a tripod, an aluminum plate with both 1/4″ and 3/8″  thread is attached to the base of the cutting board. You could also use any quick release plate here.

Equipment Shown

Sony PCM-M10 Portable Audio Recorder 


Note: Part of an old iPhone OtterBox case wraps the Sony recorder to provide extra protection. 
Sound Devices MixPre-D Compact Field Mixer



Does my SHORT film suck?: Evaluation Form

This is an update to my post: Does my film suck? Film Evaluation Form http://wp.me/p72qCa-3K

That evaluation form was meant for feature films. Here is the same idea, but the form is geared towards SHORT FILMS.
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“Smooth Driver”: the $1.00 DIY tool every filmmaker should make.

A simple DIY project anyone can make.

Many quick release plates and other camera gear require a large flat screwdriver or a large coin.

In the 60’s my father always carried a Sears Craftsman pocket flat screwdriver. There still available on eBay, but seem rather expensive and I prefer a thicker size for camera work.
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$30 Audio Walker: DIY mobile solution for audio gear

This is my DIY project to hold audio gear. Anyone that has a drill and a few bolts can complete this project. Level of Difficulty:  2/10

I’ve tried a lot of DIY solutions to hold audio equipment (B&D WorkMate, small folding tables and even small step ladders).  They all fell short of my needs. Despite looking a bit odd, the Audio Walker works well.
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Quiet On Set !

Quick reference guide for shooting films.


We have updated the Quick Reference card (revision #2)

Click here  for .pdf files, Micro$oft Word file and iPhone image.

All seasoned professionals know that consistently following a proper procedure when shooting a film is essential. If you’re shooting videos and films with an inexperienced crew, why not consider using a quick reference guide?

Quick Reference card can be placed near any equipment.

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Does my film suck? Film Evaluation Form

Receiving meaningful feedback on your short films or feature film is essential.

You can’t beat sitting with an audience to see and hear their reaction to your film. Sometimes reactions may be misleading.  If an audience is very quiet, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bored. Using a simple evaluation form at screenings can help you gauge how good your film really is and how to improve not only that film but future films.

Customized form.

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